Quad-Lock ICF Installation Video Series

A frame from the Quad-Lock T-wall video.

In the summer of 2018, we were contacted to produce, for our old friends at Quad-Lock ICF, a set of 22 videos to coincide with their Basic Installation print guide.  Quad-Lock produces Insulating Concrete forms for the construction industry. The videos are a vital element in their training regime and they help the installers to get a quick reference when working with their products. These videos will eventually be converted to several different languages and be viewed worldwide.  With less than ideal shooting locations for the project, we had to supplement the production with 3-d animation, which was all done in house. Here are a couple of examples from the completed series.

“The Maverick Video magic is all in the way that Jeff first hears and sees the story of your business and then retells that story onscreen in the most captivating and compelling way.  Maverick is our “go-to” storyteller.”    Douglas Bennion, Corporate Trainer and Technical Advisor

Video 1. Quad-lock introduction:

Video 2.  Pour Day